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bow-tattoo.jpg The tattoo artists actually are all doing a very hard job, which need much patience and skill. The image that the the tattoo artists create on the people’s skin will be a permanent mark, then which needs the tattoo artists pay more attention to the process. As for the most significant part, the tattoo artists must know the tattoo machine clearly (from the out to the inside). There are different types of tattoo machine and they all owns some unique qualities, then understand the equipment clearly to ensure a opposite outcome of the tattoo is of great significance. At the same time, there are sometimes that the tattoo machine doesn’t work well, but if you have already know the components clearly, which will help you to deal with some small problems.

Of course, to repair the tattoo machine by yourself, you absolutely need a tattoo machine repair kits, which always contain variety of tools that are useful when the tattoo machine doesn’t work well. A simple way but may be also the method that are easy to forget, you can consult the instruction manner that come with your tattoo machine for some troubleshooting tips and repair advice, which are always found out really useful. Then locate and inspect the armature assembly of your machine. And actually, the screw is closely link to the movement of the armature bar, you can easily make the armature move up and down by controlling the screw. Next, the replacement of the needles should be adjusted to make sure the tattoo ink flows properly. For example, if you are using some thin inks, you would better set the needles further out. The bar that attaches the needles to the armature is advised to cause your attention, which are easy worn and replace. You should also aware that the coils are the heart of your tattoo machine and adjust them properly. You should make sure they are properly wrapped and sending the proper amount of the power to your machine. All that are mentioned needs your attention, while as for machine repairman you still need some professional instructions.

By Jack
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0df3d7ca7bcb0a465dd32ab96b63f6246a60afb9.jpgThe tattoo has been more and more popular during these years, especially in the religions and western countries. As for the tattoo, the tattoo machine is by no means the most important tool. To master the machine well you can easily tattoo the design that you want perfectly. In fact, there is a screw in the tattoo machine, which is the key of the tattoo machine, so you must pay more attention to. The screw are located at the top of the tattoo machine and you can adjust the speed and amperage of the machine by this part. Then some suggestions are given to about how to adjust the tattoo machine properly.

The needles are closely link to the screw in the tattoo machine. You can turn the screw with your finger to adjust the speed of the needles. If loosening the screw, the needles will slow down. On the contrary, tightening will speed up the needles. So you should tightening the screw when you are performing on the loose skin. Then a Allen wrench are used to turn the screw to drop the guard that block the spring. These two steps are very easy, isn’t it? Then comes a more complex one. As we all know, there is a basic rule about the spring, the tighter the spring, the harder the throw will be. While the throw will decide how hard the needles punch. Next, the punch will influence the depth of the needles into the skin. In all, if you would like to tattoo more deeply, you should tighten the spring, then the throw will be harder, the punch will be bigger, finally the needles will be deeper. To master the depth properly is quite important in the tattoo process. If the needle goes too deep, the tattoo process will be more painful. While if not, the tattoo will be fading quickly.

The methods to adjust the tattoo machine are mainly rely on the control of the screw and the spring. These are not very difficult things, you will make it only if you can be more careful.

By Jack
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Thursday 20 september 4 20 /09 /Sep 15:52

back-skull-tattoo.jpg In recent years, tattoo has gained more popularity, especially in the young. According a investigation conducted by Northwestern University and the University of Chicago, more than one third of people aged from 18 to 25 have at least one tattoo. Different people tattoo for different reasons, but you should foresee it can be sometime challenging when you get into the workforce. Therefore, you should think twice before you make your decision.

When referring the companies, tattoos are usually asked to be covered during the work time. A survey done by Society for Human Resource Management indicates that more than a third of employees are required to cover the tattoos, especially some with bright tattoo inks and strange images. Though many try to argue that this behaviour has damaged the employees’ rights of expression, but this ban did not discriminate on the race or religion. What’s more, most people hold the idea that it’s more important to regulate the company’s public images that permit the employees to display body art.

Then, does it’s impossible for individuals to have a tattoo? Most managers and executives stated their views, ” It’s a visible issue, as long as it can not seen by customers we don’t care if you have a tattoo or not.” Therefore, to choose a suitable location for your tattoo is wise action. However, a strict ban on the expression are abandoned in some industries for unnecessary. In fact, more and more people can work but will never have direct contact with the customers, so the existence of tattoo is not so important. Only when you work in services industry or healthcare professionals, where you contact with the customers face-to-face frequently, the tattoos will make you looks a lack of professionalism and education. Your tattoos will also influence your relationship with other employees, the tattoos are always deemed offensive for other people. While you may regard your tattoo as a body art but others that you contact with in daily basis will perceive it as abrasive and uncomfortable.

In conclude, think twice before you tattoo for its underlying many problems

By Jack
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Saturday 15 september 6 15 /09 /Sep 07:36

d01373f082025aaf969bf554fbedab64024f1a87The tattoo is a permanent mark on your body and it will company you through the lifetime, so no matter what the reason you choose to tattoo, you should consider it for a twice time. Actually, tattoo ideas for initials need your consideration. A meaningful tattoo can be the initials of yourself, a child, the one you loved. Does it spark any ideas?

You can tattoo initials that are connected to the religious, such as the cross. A tattoo can incorporate three letters of a name. And there are some rules of the initials tattoo, the middle letter is usually larger than other letters. What’s more for a believer of Christianity, a small cross is always added below the initial letter. It is a perfect complement, which I think will attract many religious believers.

Then the initials of a child is often combined with the birth date. The initials should be medium size and the tattoo is always on the ankles or arms. We probably consider the black tattoo ink as the most appropriate color of the tattoo, both the initials and birth date. This kind of tattoo are prefered by a good mother who want to remember the happiness of being a mother.

A tattoo incorporate the initials and some flowers are very popular among women. If you have a penchant for cherry, then you can add cherries wrap around your initial tattoo. Any size and type of the initials are suitable, but the color is prefered the dark, such as black. While, we usually choose the bright color for the cherries, like pink. In this way, using two kinds of colors to contrast with each other. It is really a lovely choice of tattoo, isn’t it?

It is a also a good choice to incorporate skulls into a initial tattoo. In fact, it is for a more Gothic look. If your initials includes the letter “O”, you can simply tattoo the “O” to a skull. It is really cool! But if there is no such letter in your initial is still ok, you can just put the skull below the letters. Also, if you want to looks cooler, you can tattoo as much skulls as you like.

By Jack
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Tuesday 11 september 2 11 /09 /Sep 07:53

63d9f2d3572c11df2af32fbc632762d0f703c20b.jpgNowadays, more and more people choose to tattoo in their pectoral, or the chest. It has gained much popularity in recent years since it is easy to be covered. If you don’t want a visible tattoo, then the chest is a perfect location. There are lots of options for you to tattoo on your chest and may seems better in chest than in any other places.

As it is known by us, a lot of people would like tribal designs for tattoo, such as Mario and Polynesian, they can also be easily develop to body art. This kind of tattoo has a strong sense of nation belonging and represents you identity.

Japanese style is another idea for chest tattoo. You can just choose one image or combine several images as you like. The common features of  Japanese body art includes dog, dragon, wave etc. If you want a tattoo that includes more than one image, then you should carefully choose the tattoo inks, and use the color and some waves, winds to make it looks more nature.

Hearts are also a traditional but still popular tattoo. And the tattoo is always the roughly place of your heart, which makes the tattoo looks well in this location. This kind of tattoo is somehow related to religion, so maybe much more people will choose this image. However, there are also different styles of the heart. You can choose whatever style you like.

At last, I would like to introduce an unusual tattoo: the female chest tattoo, isn’t that unusual? Since the word “pectoral” is used to describe the male’s chest, we can infer that maybe in the past decades, female seldom tattoo in their chest. But things have been changed so much, today’s women like to tattoo in their chest. There are also many options: rose blooms, flowers, butterflies, cherries etc. When these feminine things are tattooed in the chest, it add more charm and sexy to women. The sense of mystery makes woman fall in love with tattoo.

Have you ever want to tattoo but afraid of other people’s eyes? Right now, go to tattoo on your chest!

By Jack
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