How to make chinese dragon tattoos

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Chinese dragon has been long loved and used for tattoo designs. People take the dragon for tattoo because it looks awesome and also contains good meaning. The dragon can also be easily specialized by adding wings or by exaggerating different parts of the dragon body. You can also draw the dragon with different tattoo ink colors, in order to make it suitable to your body shape and skin tone. You will find some tips in this article for making a dragon tattoo.

You can easily start the tattoo from the face drawing. Start with an almond of the dragon eye, and a triangular for the hair. (Stick them up) Then draw a moustache and beard. Draw the teeth with triangle shapes and a curved line for the tongue. After that, you can create the dragon body with snaking lines. For the base of the dragon body, create a single and snaked line. You can also curve the dragon body freely to make it lively. With another line above the first line, you can draw the dragon’s width. The lines should begin from the bottom of the dragon head and finish in a triangular, which will be the dragon tail.

You can then choose to draw the wings on the dragon body. For wings drawing, start with a single line coming from the back of the dragon body and curve it upward up to a point and then curve it to create the wing shape. Then draw several lines to create the umbrella like lines on the wings. However, you can freely decide whether add the wings to the dragon or not since sometime the dragon doesn’t have wings in many fairtails.

The next step is to draw arms and legs to the dragon body. The arm is made of two straight lines. The arm lines should be doubled with a bend at the elbow. The legs should be a semicircle that ends in a claw, which is to be created by three lines coming out from a same point with triangular talons on the end. Sometimes the tails are also detailed after the drawing of arms and legs. The nail can simply drawn by using a single triangle as a giant scale. If you want to make the dragon to be able to whip around, you can simply make a loopy swirl.

Besides the basic steps, you can add whatever details you want to your dragon. You can use different tattoo inks to make your dragon a colorful one. Or you can work more on the dragon head to make it vivid and real. It is also a great idea to have a cute cartoon if you are a young lady or a cute boy. However, you should also think about the removal of the tattoo. The dragon tattoo should not be too complex since it costs a lot to maintain the tattoo and to remove it. The dragon also loose it’s spirit when the decoration is a bit too much.

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matching tattoos 05/16/2012 08:31

Chinese dragon tattoos are really cool. The how-to tips are really useful. I'll try to make my own using these techniques. Thanks for sharing!