How to mix tattoo inks

Published on by Jack

When purchasing the tattoo inks in the tattoo shop, do you always encounter the problem that you can’t find a satisfying color that you wanted in mind? Many people are now developing their skill of mixing ready-made inks to get the exact unique color that they want. By mixing the tattoo inks, you can also control the subtle brightness of the ink color. You will get some useful information in this article about the mixing of tattoo inks.

Before mixing, you should learn some basic principles and knowledge about the colors. You should be familiar with that how a particular color is created. This will help you invent whatever color you desire and save you a lot of money to buy a lot tattoo inks.

When you want to make the tattoo ink a bit lighter, simply add white color into it. But you may find out that a tiny drop of white ink makes a huge difference. So you should add white inks very carefully. Never pour a whole cup of white ink into your creature. It will be destroyed. Similarly, black ink can make a tattoo ink darker. And the same rule applies here as well—don’t add too much! Some people also use pure water to control the thickness of the tattoo ink. When you are not sure if the thickness is good, simply try it on your tattoo needle. Good ink should stay well on the needle and travel freely from the needle to the skin.

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