Tips for tattoo practice

Published on by Jack

tattoo_design_747.jpgIf you have just started your tattoo apprenticeship, practicing is an important part of your study. You should not only learn how to use the tattoo machines and how to identify the quality of tattoo inks, but also practice tattooing on tattoo practice skin. You will find some useful tips in this article for your practicing.

  • Before you work on it, select a practice skin with sufficient size. (There are different types of skins with different sizes available to purchase.) Draw the tattoo design with freehand on the skin with a ball-pen or tattoo surgical maker.
  • It’s better to lay the practice skin on your body, which will make it feel even more real and also will help you be accustomed to the natural body curves.
  • Use whatever the same tattoo machines, tattoo needles, and tattoo guns that you will use for real tattoo work. You will have completely different feelings on two tattoo machines with the same tattoo work.
  • As mentioned above, you should also use the same brand of tattoo ink in practice. And go with the order of outlining, dark color, and bright color. Prepare Vaseline for cleaning the extra ink.
  • Pig skin is a good substitution for practice skins. And the practice skin can be used also double sided. Be aware of that the human skin is never completely perfect. So you should train yourself to deal with acnes and other stuffs on the real skin.

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